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6th May 2014
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6th May 2014

Hello, I am a great Moderator on forums. I use to be a Moderator for this one forum (Sadly It shutdown due spambots wouldn't stop coming).
I am really good at being a Moderator been a Moderator for few years on some big forums.
I wish they are still active then I would link it to them.

Anyway I am to good at phpBB3 Forums. I know how to run one and such.
I can show you one but I like to keep hidden so if case spambots come here they don't goto my forum.
I am active 24/7 sometimes. matter busy with other stuff.

Edit: Oh and I will like be to a Admin on the Server I will email you my form about it later.

A Gamer, Programmer, Website Builder and much more.
Need a Website? I can help you have one set up. with great features by my Host Provider.

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