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6th May 2014
About Lizardcraft
   Lizardcraft was originally created by scalesthelizard, a youtuber and minecraft user. He always had a problem with people who grief or bully and decided to make  a server
 somewhat like his favorite servers but also throwing in some parts that make it more like him, while also eliminating bullies and griefers from the gaming enviroment. After deciding he didnt want to limit himself to one server, scalesthelizard will be making more servers. Sportscraft Herocraft Funcraft Randomcraft and much more! For more info please email or tweet us your question and have a good day

Twitter @lizardcraftmc
IP: join now!
-Lizardc5raft: A Place Where We're All Friends

Lizardcraft Newsboard
Lizardcraft is now hring mods and builders! To apply go to furms click general dissconnision and click on one of the apps copy  the following and paste it in the quick replay
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4/13/14 Player of the week is ZombieSlayer0731 congrats you have been playing for more than 15 hours a day keep up the work and keep helping others